Research Fellow Program

Toyota Riken Visiting Fellows

Supports retired researchers who have notable achievements in the fields of basic science and basic engineering to extend their research, writing, and awareness-raising activities at home or their research bases. We aim to contribute to society though their research findings.

Visiting Fellow

  • Kiyohito Ishida
    Research theme
    • Research on Phase Diagrams and Microstructural Control
  • Toshiaki Enoki
    Research theme
    • Unconventional electronic and magnetic structures of graphene nanostructures
  • Yuichi Okuda
    Research theme
    • Experimental study of quantum fluid(3He) and solid(4He) at low temperatures
  • Yuichiro Maeda
    Research theme
    • Mechanistic Study of the Actin Filament based on Structures at Atomic Resolutions
  • Tsuneya Ando
    Research theme
    • Study of exotic properties of 2D electron systems in graphene and related materials
  • Koichi Yamashita
    Research theme
    • Theoretical Study on Carrier Dynamics at Nano-Interfaces and Photo-Energy Conversion

Former Visiting Fellow