Scientific Meetings


Toyota Riken Forum

Toyota Riken Forum has been held several times a year since the research building had constructed in 2012. Invited well-known professionals who lead the fields talk about difficult topics intelligibly.

FY2017: 3 times (Total: 18 times)

Solid State Physics Seminars

The Solid State Physics Seminars are jointly held with Nagoya University to enlighten material science researchers in the Tokai region, eight times a year. Nearly 400 meetings have been held since the first seminar in 1963.

FY2017: 8 times (Total: 392 times)

Molecular Science Forum

The forum has been jointly held with the Institute of Molecular Science. The mission is to provide discussion forums for various fields’ researchers aspiring the development of molecular science. It has started in 1998 and opened to public in 2008 to encourage wide-ranging discussions.

FY2017: 4 times (Total: 116 times)